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Making Friends with Attractive Women – 5 Reasons Why It Can Be Good to Be A Girls, “Guy-Friend”

Maybe you think that making friends with attractive women isn’t something you want. You want to date these women, right? Not be their friends.Making friends with attractive women

I hear it now. “But wait” I hear you say “I don’t want to be in the friend zone. I want women to be attracted to me. If I am friends with her it gets harder to date her.”

“I thought, creating Instant Sexual Attraction was the way to go” I hear you incredulously asking.

Just wait…

I am not contradicting myself. Let me show you what I mean.

You DO NOT want to be friends with the woman you desire to date. You want to be friends with women LIKE the woman you desire to date.

1. Interaction: Becoming friends with women who are “like” the woman you want to date teaches you what they desire. It gives you a basis for what they want, what they like, what they enjoy and lets you practice being at ease and confident around women of that type. You get a little bit of an insider’s view into the woman you desire while still building your confidence and ease around that type of woman.

2. Leveraging: If she is your friend she will want you to be attractive to women. She will help you find and attract similar women. She will let you know how to fix minor things that may turn chicks off. She may even help you to find your style or seem more fashionable.

3. Low hanging fruit: Let’s face it. If you have friends that are hot and attractive girls, these girls have friends who are hot attractive girls. Your girl friends will get you, your girlfriends. You will meet her friends; she will try to hook you up. She will be in your corner and you will get dates from this. Guaranteed.

4. Social Proof: Even when she is not directly helping you get girls there is an aspect of social proof. If you are hanging out with your female friends and see an interesting girl, and chat her up, all she is going to see is a guy who is ALREADY surrounded by women. It seems like you must have something on the ball. You are immediately assumed to be “safer” and also have that immediate cachet as someone who is of a “high status”.

5. Being Woman Friendly: When you hang out around woman, you gain comfortability with them. This shows in a way that hours-and-hours of work and effort never can. There is no way to seem comfortable better than BEING comfortable. When you are completely relaxed around women, it shows and you will get more women as a result of this.

Making friends with attractive women is like having a super-powered wing-woman rather than just having a simple “wingman”.

You never want to have a girl your desire be your friend, but you certainly want to be friends with girls, “like” the girl you desire. Making friends with attractive women is a sure-fire way to improve your dating and “pick-up” skills. login
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