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Top 10 Things Women Find Attractive in Men

This isn’t the first post here on Underground Attraction dealing with the things that women find attractive in men.

It isn’t the first and it isn’t likely to be the last.

The reason for this is simple…. It is a really important topic.

All women look for some general things from men. There are of course many specific ways you can boost attraction with specific women with specific cue, but isn’t it nice to know what women are “generally” looking for.

-Of Course-

Now the top ten things women find attractive in men is not rocket science. Chances are if you think about it the reasons behind all of these are very clear. You may not realize you new that these are true. but if you stop and think about it for a second you will probably see from your own experiences and observations how true they really are.

Without further ado, the top ten things women find attractive in men:

1. Confidence: Sometimes I feel like a broken record on this topic, but there is nothing women find more attractive than a confident man. Nothing!

2. High Status: All women want to be special. They want their guy to be someone important. A mover and shaker. It is fine to have the “potential” to be high status, but a woman can see from interactions with your friends. Are you a mover and shaker going places or a n’er do well happy to live in his parents basement. Girls want to feel that their guy is someone special.

3. Hardworking: Along with high status (or the potential for it) comes being hardworking. She may not like it when you are away working too often, but she can appreciate the effort. being hardworking will often lead to success in many fields and show her you have the extra needed “oompfh” to become high status.

4. Fun attitude: Here we are four items into what women find attractive in men and for we have the FIRST one that relates to how YOU are with HER.

5. The little things: There are so many little things here to talk about. There really is niether the room nor the time to go into them. Suffice to say that what every girl will look for will be a little specific to her and her own wants and needs. These little things are the details. The devil is in the details and this is true with attracting women too. You want to have a few ‘quirks’ that afe different from your average guys.

A few small differences (details) make you interesting. Pile on too many and you become “odd”. It is a subtle but distinct difference. A lot of your Little things make up the rules of instant sexual attraction.

6. Being Handy: Women do like guys who can change their oil, fix their leaky pipes and all that “guy” stuff. In our modern day-and-age many women can be quite handy too, but the ones who “are” handy will often not appreciate a guy who lacks even common handiness. And of course the women who are not handy will appreciate a man who is for all the classic reasons.

7. Being “decent” when no one is looking: It is a shame that this does not rank higher. In -my mind- this should be the #1 thing that women SHOULD find attractive in men. It is a simple fact that appearances are not always what they seem. There are a ton of D-bags out there. One classic way to separate the D-Bags (and Bitches) from the rest of the people is to pay attention when they think you are not.

How do you treat the people that don’t matter? People that treat people they meet, that work for and with them, wait-staff and even bums on the street with contempt are only waiting to drop that shoe on others. If you are the type of guy who constantly complains about everyone. Some women will notice. Unfortunately for those that treat their fellow mankind with courtesy most of the time, they won’t ALWAYS notice.

8. Drinking and Smoking: These are, of course, negatives. Not positives.

This isn’t an episode of Mad Men.

I drink and I make no apologies for it. I personally don’t mind smoking either. But I am not a girl you are trying to attract. Few women are really interested in a guy that easily gets sloshed or smokes like a chimney. No judgements made, but both of these can hurt your chances with picking up women. If you have these vices work on keeping them, “low-key.”

9. Being well-Dressed: This really has a two fold approach. It does not mean that you need to wear a 5,000$ Armani Suit to get the babes. That simply is not true at all. But what you wear should be quality and quality -can- cost money. SO sometimes spending money on a nice wardrpbe can have a positive effect.

But more importantly it is style. What your style is doesn’t matter. What matters is that you do have a unique style and whatever it is represents you. I am about as far as you can get from the “goth” scene as it is possible to be. But I am willing to bet that the guys who get wholly into it and really learn to represent the style in a big way can do quite well with the women that like, “that thing”.

That is not to say you need to represent some crazy style though. Peacocking isn’t for everyone. It is important that whatever your ultimate style is that it represents something that makes you comfortable. After all that leads us back to #1. Confidence is the alpha and omega of attraction.

10. Someone who listens: Obviously, there is a fine line here. You want her to be your girlfriend not your “girl” “friend”. But you can use active listening to women as a means to also attract them.

The best part is that even the downside is not all bad. Not one likes to end up a girls guy-friend. But really if you understand it right having a girl of a “type” that you are attracted to as a close friends can be it’s own powerful tool to attract women. login
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