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Beauty and the Beast- Attracting Beautiful Women

Chances are you have heard of the story of Beauty and the Beast, either by way of the Disney Cartoon, the TV series, the faerie tale or one of the old movies.

Perhaps you wonder how this fantasy story has anything to do with “real world” attraction or seduction of women. The story of Beauty and the Beast, though nominally a “fairy tale,” is based on solid things that really do work for guys.

The FIRST thing to note is all women want to feel sexual tension.

Now…the one thing that guys often get wrong is thinking that the only important things involved in attracting beautiful women have to do with a guys looks, money or sense of humor. That is all hogwash.

The most important attribute for attracting women is simply confidence. Now being handsome, rich or insanely funny may cause many people to also be supremely confident, but the important factor is the effect not the cause. You to can learn (and even build from scratch) a confident -but not cocky- attitude. It may not be ‘easy’ for everyone, but it certainly is possible. Just like you do not have to be muscular to attract women, neither do you have to have movie star good looks.

Beauty and the beast starts with Belle, a young beauty who is forced to keep company of the mysterious “beast” a very ugly but confident and successful and often kind man. Slowly Belle grows to care for him, but unfortunately the Beast falls into the “friend” zone at first.

She loves him only as a friend- After being initially repulsed by the Beast Belle slowly comes to appreciate him, first as a friend and then ultimately as a lover. This can be dangerous territory though. The Beast knows that the “friend zone” can be a tough one to break out of. “I like you, but I don’t like you like THAT” was the attitude that belle gave the Beast at first. She was his friend, but hd little interest in a romantic relationship with the Beast.

It took the Beast some time, but he understood how to get out of the friend zone. The Beast simply worked on building sexual tension. It is well known that the Beast had some help here.

Use Powerful Body Language in Attracting Women – The Beast is often shown with a Leonine head, but he never acts like a cute and cuddly kitten. He acts more like a Lion. He has confident and powerful body language. he acts like he is a powerful Beast not some little simpering pet. This attitude starts with body language and ends up in attitude. It never means you have to be “mean” but you should show yourself as being aggressive and confident. the Beast is no wilting flower to crumple and die at the first sign of trouble. The beast uses powerful body language in attracting beautiful women.

Maintain an Air of Mystery- One of the best things the beast had going for him was an air of mystery. Who was he? What was his story? Belle certainly didn’t know. The Beast listened to Belle, but told her very little about himself. He understood the power of active listening and attracting women. The beast remained a mystery to Belle until she fell madly in love with him and then revealed himself as a handsome prince. This show us that mystery at first can lead to deep appreciation after time.

Be Confident when attracting beautiful women- The Beast doesn’t go around simpering and apologizing. The Beast is confident and bold. He is sure of himself in every single area accept for physical beauty. This supreme confidence may be one of the most attractive of possible

Appear Successful around women- Material things didn’t sway Belle. The Beast gave her all sorts of things and it didn’t make her love him. He just grew on her, and one way to grow on a women is by appearing successful. You can be great at anything; a successful business-man, a great skier, a whip-crack smart student, it almost doesn’t matter but being seen as being successful and great at “something” appeals directly to a woman’s animal brain and help positions you as an “alpha” and high status.

The Beast understood this because he WAS able to build something out of nothing, and outside of lacking physical beauty he was successful in life and business.

Know what you want: It is easy to think you know what you want, but many guys are not sure. Let the girl know plainly that you are interested, but never pester or bother her. You will never gain advantage by sounding insecure, but you gain a lot by simply letting her know you find her attractive and are interested in a relationship.

Get Her Attention, but limit your interactions- This is all about keeping interactions short, but impressive. The Beast knew how to get a girls attention. In fact he was the only connection Belle had in the world. But he did not spend all day following her around like a puppy.

He made grand entrances and exits. When he was around her, he was quite frankly impressive. The best never drunk dialed, professing undying love. He never checked up on her. When he was around, he made sure his actions commanded attention, when he wasn’t around he was just gone.

Focus on Sexual Attraction Ultimately looks will not count for much if you can create a feeling of sexual attraction. This is the ultimate way to level the playing field and make her interested in you.

You might think looks, the size of your wallet or amazing sense of humor are the only things that determine a woman’s level of attraction. In fact, you can trigger her “I want you,” emotion by acting in a way the sparks her desire and makes you sexually attractive. login
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