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Playing Hard To Get With A Woman: How to Create Sexual Attraction by Pushing Girls Away

Do you wish you knew about playing hard to get with a woman?

There are a lot of guys that are just too easy. Sure you can catch the desperate women like this but the girls with plenty of options need to be reeled in.

Many guys do not know there are special switches that can help you get any girl that you want. Let’s look at these tips for increasing sexual attraction and flirting by slightly pushing her away.

Playing hard to get with girls is the cornerstone of sexual tension. This is a flirting attitude that creates lots of chemistry.

Have a Goal for your Dating Life It’s important that you know what you want out of women before you start playing games. Different switches are going to get different reactions. When you know what you want out of them you will be able to use the right switch and get the reaction that you want to get.

You need to figure out what personality, hobbies etc you would want a serious relationship to have as well. Plus it’s important to know if you’re looking for a long-term romantic partner OR if you’re just playing the field and having a little fun.

Create Curiosity to Improve your Status Making women curious is a great way to play hard to get. Maybe you would go by and talk to them briefly and then you could say that it was great to talk to them but you have a previous engagement and that you will see them around.

They may be pretty shocked that you cut the conversation off before they could and that will leave them wanting more. They will also be wondering where you went.

Use A High Status Attitude Using a high status attitude is one of the best ways to get a girl interested in you. If you need an example of a high status attitude you should think about how the rock stars and movie stars act.

They are the ones with all of the girls and it’s not only because they have all of the money and the fame. Even if you took that all away they would still have the girls. Playing hard to get with a woman is easier than you think. You can learn how to do this by reading this guide on sexual tension.

Use Push and Pull A great way to play hard to get is to do what’s known as the push/pull technique. This is where you sometimes say flirty/nice things to pull a girl in. Then you’ll joke around and slightly tease her to push her away.

This technique isn’t about acting like a cocky jerk. Instead you use it to create sexual tension which is an incredible way to make a girl interested without going out of your way to pursue her. login
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