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What’s the Secret to Flirting With a Woman? 4 Techniques for Sexually Sparking Her Interest

If there’s one key to being about to attract and keep women, it’s flirting. Everybody knows about flirting, but not everyone really has a good idea what it’s all about. Even fewer people know what successful flirting with a woman really means.

The truth is you can spark a girl’s interest through your conversation. But you have to have a plan.

The FIRST part of this plan is to amplifying the feelings of sexual tension. This is a flirting technique that GETS women.

Plus you’ll also want to take a look at these four techniques for sexually attracting a girl through your flirting:

Understand What Flirting Means To sexually attract a girl you need to talk with her in a flirting language. This goes beyond normal conversations. On the surface you might be pushing her away and playfully calling her a spaz, but the sub context of the conversation is that you might be interested in her.

Flirting is really about talking to women in a way where you’re subtly pushing her away and then pulling her back in with a comment that shows some level of interest.

Pace the Physical Interaction When flirting with a girl don’t grope her like an overzealous octopus. You do want to establish physical contact. But do so in a manner where you’re playfully interacting her.

My favorite rule of thumb is two steps forward, one step back. This means touching her a little and then pulling away. Keep doing this and see how she reacts. When you get good signals progress the interaction further. But if she seems uncomfortable then move back and focus more on the conversation.

Establishing physical contact is a critical part to flirting. The trick is to study a girl’s body language and then act according to what you learn.

Spark a Woman’s Deep Level of Curiosity Women just don’t want a man that’s they can get too easily, and being a little inaccessible is what flirting with a woman is all about. Don’t think that being very straightforward or throwing cheesy lines at her is going to work. You need to hook her, to make her curious.

Flirting is about being attractive and mysterious and curious, it’s about asking for her opinion on something. You want to always leave her open to answer with a wide variety of long responses, and not just with “yes” or “no.” Ask questions that will engage deeply with her passions.

Study Her Eye Body Language and Act Accordingly There’s a reason people say that the eyes are the window to the soul. Flirting with a woman isn’t just about what’s said, but what is expressed non-verbally as well.

Her eyes will tell you a lot about what she feels, and everyone knows you can flirt with your eyes with a woman. When a woman looks at you across a room, break eye contact, then looks again you know she’s likely attracted to you. If she’s staring you up and down, than she’s certainly into you. Pay attention, and you’ll see this kind of flirting happening all the time! login
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